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Writing a Strong Real Estate Offer
A video on the things to consider when writing an offer, a spin off of our video from the buying process...we will walk you thru a few things to think about when you do find that perfect property.
The Buying Process
Video that we shot at the office about the buying process, and the important steps you can take to get ready for buying. There are a few really important ones, so take a watch!
The Selling Process
Short video on the selling process will walk you thru everything you need to know about the first few steps to take when thinking about selling.
The Housing Market Crash
JK, Not going to happen. Watch the video, good take on the current state of the economy, the predicted volatility, and how housing won't be affected.
What's Happening with the Winthrop, Ma Middle School
Short video on the most recent town meeting regarding the middle school site here in Winthrop.
1 Dune Circle | Beach House For Sale
Our latest listing video, check it out! 1 Dune circle, Gloucester MA is available for sale #beachhouse
533 West Main, Outside Property Tour
Our huge listing in Avon, that is a boaters & car guy / gal's dream! Check it out!
97 Grovers Avenue | Winthrop, Ma
Exterior video shoot for 97 Grovers, a huge multi-family we popped on for sale on the water in Winthrop, Ma. This sold at over 1.1 million, a waterfront record in Winthrop!
142 Pleasant Street #8, Winthrop Ma
Virtual tour & first look at one of our listings at 142 Pleasant street, the bel mer condos, in Winthrop. We were the second broker to try and sell this property and the first one to actually get it done. If you are looking to buy or sell in the Winthrop, Ma area, or Greater Boston, give us a buzz we would love to be able to have a virtual or in person meeting and discuss your needs.
510 Revere Beach #801 Is For Sale | Revere, Ma
Listing video of the exterior & proximity to Boston of our listing on Revere Beach
Selling in the Winter, and January Market Update
Quick update on the market in January 2020, as well as a little about selling in the winter
Happy Holidays from Ledge & Young
Check out the video that we shot around the holiday times to see what some of the cool things winthrop, ma has to offer to its residents to make the community a warm & inviting spot to live.
You Hate to See It.
Short video on home ownership, some things that will go wrong in your home!
December 2019 Market Update
In this video Seth will update you on the local market conditions for Single Family, Condos, and Multifamily housing. Believe it or not, every one of these style of homes has very different market conditions since we are so close to downtown Boston. Take a quick watch, we said we would do it in 2 minutes, but it ended up being 3.
About Seth Williams + Ledge & Young Real Estate
Intro video about the Reference & more about & our company at Ledge & Young Real Estate
1 Dune Circle Virtual Tour