Winthrop Ma, We need more houses to sell!

Hey what's up Winthrop? I got a small request for you, this is gonna sound crazy but, if you haven't been paying attention, interest rates are at an all time low and I have buyers coming out my ears for properties ? So, we have a ton of condo's that hit the market. They all went under agreement. We have a couple single families coming soon and a few multi-family properties coming too. We're anticipating them to go really fast and ultimately, this is a cry for help for help!!! Fellow Winthrop people, We need some inventory. we have nothing really available to sell,? So, we brought the buyer over at 37 Pleasant Park Road. that property went over asking really quick. We brought the buyer to 60 Willow ave, sold first weekend.   

We have six condo's under agreement in town right now and I can't wait to get a single family on the market here at the end of March. But, it's not fast enough. There's nothing available! It does take us some time to get homes ready to go to market, so this is me pleading with you! We are in dire need of more inventory to sell to our first time home buyers and the first big round of millenial buyers. 

If you have any thoughts of selling, or obviously if you want to buy, you can call me too. But, if you have any thoughts of selling, seriously, you gotta call me. Let us do a walk through of the house. We do a quick questionnaire to fill out before the appointment. and we'll give the number of fair market value of your house. We'll let you know what it's worth, and explain the strategies we use to sell homes and see if we can't get it on the market. So, no inventory. We're dying for more. Send help. 

Please hit me up. 781-342-0052 or you can email me at [email protected] or you can go ahead and do a quick request for a home appraisal on And we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this quick blog and let's go. Give me a call.

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