Stay Safe out there Gang!

Hey everyone,

Seth over here at Ledge & Young Real Estate. Listen times are crazy right now, and I wanna let you guys know that I'm sure despite a lot of stuff you hear in the news, the show is going on in the real estate market. And so, I know that may seem insensitive or crazy, but a lot of my clients have told me they're still very interested in buying. Obviously, we have to take safety precautions, whether it's hand sanitizing, practicing social distancing and we've doing all that stuff with our clients. If we are going out, we're being super safe. So, keep that in mind if you're out there looking to buy. There's also a ton of ways for us to do virtual tours, gather a ton of video for properties... We usually do video for all our listings anyway, and so we have a ton of stuff already available to be able to be pushed to you if you want virtual tours or more info on a property we have.


For the home sellers out there, listen, it's still a really good time to sell. And again, because we do that virtual stuff, we're able to make sure that we keep you and your family safe. And listen, if you want to hold off, there's no problem with that. We're seeing a lot of our clients do that. So whether or not you're still interested in buying, selling, holding off, waiting, know we're still here as a resource, we're still working, a lot of our agents can work from home. We've closed the office to the public. We've had it deep cleaned and we're ready to help out in whatever way needed.

So buying, selling, the show's got to go on. You know, we know a lot of people have a lot of stuff going on at home right now. The kids are home and its certainly stressful time. So, lastly, if you need anything from us over here at Ledge & Young Real Estate, you need someone to help pick up groceries, you need someone to check on, family, friends, deliver anything, run an errand, just let us know. Just reach out and we'll be able to take care of you. So, until the next update, God knows what will happen next, but stay safe out there. Wash those hands, and we'll talk to you soon.

Tune into our YouTube channel, or ping us thru our website. We will continue to keep you all informed as much as possible. 781-342-0052.

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