Moving To And Living In Peabody, MA: The Definitive Guide

Moving To Peabody Guide

Moving to the Boston area is a big decision, and there are many things that you need to know in order to be able to adjust. One of the most important considerations for any resident is where they will live. There are a few different neighborhoods that offer something unique, which can help make your decision easier. The following article will discuss Peabody's history, its benefits, the cost of real estate, as well as some other areas nearby that may also be worth considering. Read on to discover more about Peabody, this incredible Massachusetts City!

The History of Peabody, MA

The city is named for one of the original landowners, Francis Peabody. Francis not only owned and operated a large farm in West Newbury, but had eighty acres fronting the Merrimack River which he called "Newburyport". The name was later applied to the area around his estate that became known as Peabody and included what is now Lake Merrimac and part of present-day North Andover.

In 1638, the General Court of Massachusetts granted Mr. Peabody, along with others, the right to establish a community in the unsettled lands north of Salem, which would become known as North Andover. In its early days, this community was an agricultural and fishing village. Later thriving with fisheries and shipping industries that supported the war effort in Colonial times. By 1855, one year after it was connected to the Boston & Maine Railroad line from Boston to Portland, Maine, Andover had become a major shipping town for New Hampshire granite and other finished goods including bricks.

History of Peabody

In 1869 a local merchant installed the area's first telephone. For twenty-five cents you could talk for a half-hour. By the end of 1878, there were eighteen phones in town. In 1914, local merchant Lewis Lum founded the Peabody & Stearns Company (later acquired by General Electric), which brought electric lighting to downtown Andover and also provided power to the trolleys that ran along Elm Street.

In the mid-1990s, the city was in an economic flux with a changing population and a declining commercial sector. In 1991, The Shaw's Company opened, helping to alleviate some of the economic issues. Also, Haverhill Valley Industries (HVI) started manufacturing in Peabody. Then in 1993, Haverhill Fibers moved to the former R. D. Peacock factory (formerly Gulf & Western Industries) also relieving some of the problems with jobs and business in the area.

Today, companies like GE are still continuing to invest locally and revitalize this town by bringing more jobs and a sense of renewal into our community.

Real Estate Possibilities

What makes living in Peabody so attractive? There are many factors at play here, but as far as real estate goes, there are plenty of incentives available for potential homebuyers starting with low interest rates and then going up from there.

There are a variety of different types of housing in Peabody and the ones that you find depend largely on your preference. For instance, if you want to live close to work or public transportation, then living close to downtown may be best for you. If safety is one of your top priorities then an apartment complex with security features like cameras might be what's needed. No matter what type of home you're looking for, there are plenty available in this charming town just outside Boston!

Real Estate Peabody, MA

The average cost of real estate in Peabody is $434,400. If you’re looking to buy your first home or plan on selling soon it’s important that you do the research before making any decisions about buying property. The more information you have going into the purchase process will help avoid buyer's remorse later on down the line as well as save you money by avoiding common pitfalls when dealing with such large purchases.

Fantastic Neighborhood Options

Peabody is a charming town with many different neighborhoods to choose from and an excellent school system. One of the most popular places in the city is Rolling Hills, which has its own private beach for residents only. Residents also have access to tennis courts and soccer fields as well as nearby golf courses if they so desire. The neighborhood offers plenty of amenities including two pools, one indoor and one outdoor that are open year-round!

Peabody, MA Amenities

Sunnyside in Peabody is a new-ish neighborhood that is perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance home. This neighborhood is equipped with everything you could need: within walking distance are great schools, parks for the kids, and stores to go to on your strolls. The price for homes in this area range around $400,000, which will offer plenty of room for everyone!

Mack Park is a great spot for families to spend time together. The community is within walking distance to great schools, parks, grocery stores, and more. If you're looking for activities such as basketball courts, tennis courts or even an ice skating rink when winter hits, then Mack Park is the perfect place to find them all!

Best 5 Restaurants in Peabody

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What Can You Do in Peabody?

If you’re looking for a way to spend an afternoon, Peabody has plenty of options. Visit the UMass Memorial Medical Center or catch up on your reading at one of the many coffee shops in town. The city is also home to a number of parks and trails that are perfect for morning jogs or evening strolls with friends and family. Whether you’ve got kids who need some fresh air, adults who want peace and quiet, or retirees who crave social interaction, there’s something here to suit any taste!

The town has two public golf courses that are available to residents. They're open year-round, although the hours vary based on the season and weather conditions. For those in search of a relaxing pastime after work or on the weekends, this is an opportunity to spend some time outdoors with friends and family while getting some exercise.

Things To Do Peabody, MA

Peabody Veterans Memorial Skating Rink is one of the most popular activities in the winter. It's open from November through March and features both public sessions and lessons for kids. If you enjoy ice skating, attending a hockey game at the arena or taking your children skating, be sure to check the hours of operation for this facility.

Commune with Nature

Do you enjoy being outside? If so, then Peabody is the place for you! With a number of parks that are perfect for any type of outing, there’s something in Peabody for everyone. For those who love to be active and get some fresh air, walk through the woods on one of the many paths at Pine Grove Park. Or take your dog to play at Hemenway Park where there is plenty of room to let them run free and get some exercise.

And if you prefer more laid back activities like picnicking or bird watching, then head over to the Arboretum which features seasonal programs such as natural history lectures and bird watching. No matter what it is that you want out of a park, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in Peabody.

Locals can also enjoy the various campgrounds found in and around the city. These campsites can be used by tent campers, RV campers, and trailer campers. Each different type of camper requires different amenities depending on how they would prefer to do their camping as well as the type of camping they would most enjoy. Campgrounds in Peabody have a variety of amenities to suit different types of campers' needs. There are even some sites that have fire pits for those who enjoy outdoor fires while spending time with friends and family.

Education in Peabody

Peabody is a very family-friendly community that features several great schools for kids of all ages. This makes Peabody an appealing place to raise children whether you are starting out or moving here from another city. With so many great options, it can be difficult to find the right school for your child. The good news is that there are a number of schools in the area that are both excellent and very affordable.

Peabody, MA education

There are a number of excellent schools for children, from preschool to high school and everything in between, you will find the perfect fit for your child's education needs. Whether you're looking for great academics or an amazing arts program, this list has something that can help meet your family’s needs!

Elementary Schools:

  • Capt. Samuel Brown School
  • Center Elementary School
  • John E. Burke School
  • John E. McCarthy Memorial School
  • South Memorial Elementary School
  • Thomas Carroll Elementary School
  • West Memorial Elementary School
  • William A. Welch Sr. Elementary School

Middle School:

  • J. Henry Higgins MIddle School

High School:

  • Peabody Veterans Memorial High School

Private Schools:

  • Bishop Fenwick High School
  • Covenant Christian Academy
  • St. John the Baptist School

Arts and Culture in Peabody

Peabody is a city with rich history and culture. It has many parks perfect for any type of outing, as well as many fun events going on throughout the year in these parks. With so much to do, it’s not hard to find something that will interest you in Peabody. From arts and crafts fairs and summer concerts at the Arboretum to an ice skating rink at Memorial Park during winter months, there are always things happening no matter what time of year it is. There are also several art galleries worth checking out if you love looking at different types of art or want some inspiration for your own creations!

Arts and Culture in Peabody Ma

One of the reasons why Peabody is a great place to live and work is because it has so many historic sites that are worth exploring. In fact, this city's history can be traced back as far as 1637 when Puritan settlers arrived here in search of religious freedom. Today there are more than twenty heritage sites found throughout town including churches, museums, schools, parks and others making up over 10% of all buildings downtown!

Plenty of Shops, Plenty of Food

There are a number of retail shops in and around the town that make it easy to find just about anything you need without having to drive very far. The following are some of the top shopping areas:

Peabody Square - This plaza is located in the center of town and has a number of popular stores including Kohl's, Macy's and Sears.

Town Run Mall - This mall features dozens of different retailers, eateries and fun things to do like an arcade, movie theater and mini golf course as well as several big box stores including Target, Best Buy, PetSmart and Home Depot.

Peabody Place - This is an outdoor mall with over twenty shops and restaurants that's right off Route 128 near the Cataumet town line. Stop by for some shopping, exploring or dining options including American Eagle Outfitters, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Brookstone and Journeys. There are also several restaurants including McDonalds, Panera Bread, Uno Chicago Grill and Noodles & Company.

University Park Shopping Center - This plaza features over a dozen retailers like Target, Staples, PetSmart and Old Navy as well as eateries like Boston Market, Five Guys Burgers and Fries and El Pollo Loco. It's also close to many big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

Depending on what you are in the mood for, there is a restaurant to suit everyone's tastes. Whether you're looking for pizza or sushi, burgers or sandwiches - Peabody has it all! To help narrow down your search we've created this list of restaurants that offer delicious food at affordable prices.

Peabody is a small city with big possibilities. Home to the award-winning public schools, affordable real estate, and great neighborhoods, there’s plenty of opportunity in Massachusetts for you! If this sounds like your ideal new home or if you are just curious about what makes Peabody so special, we hope that this article has inspired you to take a closer look at all that this community has to offer!

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