The 5 Most Affordable Boston Suburbs

Affordable Boston Suburbs

With a healthy economy, and rich historical yet ever-evolving culture, Boston has become a very appealing place to call home for all ages. Whether you are just starting out, raising a family, middle-aged, or retired, Boston has it all. From arts, culture, diversity, and world-class shopping, to an intentional focus on high standards of education as well as access to some of the most excellent health care, Boston is a great place to live.

Listed below you will find 5 of the most affordable Boston Suburbs and a bit of relevant information about these suburbs such as education and a couple of places of interest to assist you in deciding which suburb is the right affordable Boston suburb for you.


Located in Essex county, right in the heart of the North Shore, Topsfield is considered to be one of the very best suburbs to live in Massachusetts, especially for raising a family. The quaint and strong close-knit community mindset of Topsfield provides its residents with a feel-safe small-town rural atmosphere to call home. Because of the affordability rating of Topsfield, most residents of Topsfield actually own their homes.

Helping to preserve the well-known rural feel of Topsfield is the fact that Topsfield is home to America’s oldest agricultural fair, The Topsfield Fair.

A great draw for people of all ages is the many incredibly beautiful parks and recreation that are very much a part of the suburb of Topfield. With immaculate rivers and hilly landscape, there is no shortage of great places for hiking, walking, jogging or just being able to enjoy the great outdoors and all the benefits of being immersed in nature.

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Topsfield holds a high rating for its public schools. A very important factor to consider when raising a family.

Steward Elementary School
261 Perkins Row, Topsfield, MA 0193 (978) 887-1538
Grades (K -grade3)
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The educators and staff of Steward Elementary recognize and take seriously the honor it is to being the first face of education for many of their preschool and kindergarten students and families.

Being a younger-level elementary school, Steward Elementary recognizes the strong importance of prioritizing passion, play, innovation, and creativity and celebrating all their students each and every day.

Proctor Elementary School
60 Main Street, Topsfield, MA 01983 (978) 887-1530
Grades (4-6)
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Proctor Elementary School prides itself in being passionate about creating an inclusive environment where all students are immersed in innovative teaching practices that intentionally support the social and emotional learning of each and every one of the students.

Both Steward Elementary and Proctor Elementary schools are governed by the Tri-Town School Union and therefore share the following mission statement.

Mission Statement: The Topsfield Elementary Schools pursue educational excellence by providing the opportunity for every individual in its community of learners to reach his or her full intellectual, social, moral, creative, and physical potential. In cooperation with family and community, our mission is to guide students in becoming personally responsible, self-motivated, disciplined, respectful, competent, and contributing members of society.

Elementary School

Masconomet Regional Middle School
20 Endicott Road, Boxford, MA 01921 (978) 887-2323
Grades (7-8)

Mission Statement: Masconomet Middle School will prepare all students to succeed academically in middle school, high school, and beyond, as well as to be responsible, productive citizens in a technology-centric and global community.

Vision Statement: Masconomet Middle School is committed to supporting each student’s academic, physical, emotional, and social development as a young adolescent. Our students are actively engaged in their own learning and personal growth. Students are provided challenging opportunities that demonstrate and apply their abilities to be creative, think critically, work collaboratively, and exhibit positive character while interacting in a global and technology-centric society.

Masconomet Regional High School
20 Endicott Road, Boxford, MA 01921 (978) 887-2323
Grades (9-12)
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Mission Statement: The Masconomet High School community believes that learning enables us all to achieve ambitious personal goals, develop fine minds, and build strong character. Therefore, we foster the acquisition of attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary for life-long learners to think critically in order to participate in a global society.

Upon graduation, students will have demonstrated that they have embraced this mission by meeting the academic, social, and civic expectations.

Highschool in Boston

Places of Interest

When looking for something to do, Topsfield has a couple of places that really stand out.

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
An incredible wildlife sanctuary, the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary provides a great opportunity to explore forests, meadows, wetlands, drumlin, and esker. Enjoy walking the 12 miles of trails or paddling down the Ipswich River. Whatever your method of exploration, all ages will absolutely be awed at the numerous species of wildlife and in particular birds.

Alfalfa Farm Winery
This beautiful vineyard and winery is a must-see. This family-owned and operated venue situated on a grand historic farm is full of New England charm. Combine the New England charm with the latest wine-making technology and you have a blend for successfully creating exceptional hand-crafted wines.



The Boston suburb of Harvard is located in Worcester County located about 25 miles west-northwest of Boston in eastern Massachusetts. Residents of the suburb of Harvard enjoy that small-town rural community and most own their own homes.

This charming community is known for its many coffee shops and parks which is great for connecting with one another and strengthening the community.


If you are looking for a private education in a public school setting, then the suburb of Harvard may be the perfect fit for you. Harvard’s public schools at all levels rate quite high.

Hildreth Elementary School
27 Massachusetts Avenue, Harvard, MA 01451 (978) 456-4145
Grades (PK, K-5)
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Mission Statement: Our mission at Hildreth Elementary School is to provide an outstanding educational experience for all students and to help them develop curiosity, perseverance, and social responsibility.

Vision Statement: The Harvard Public Schools community, dedicated to educational excellence, guides all students to realize their highest potential by balancing academic achievement with personal well-being in the pursuit of individual dreams. The students engage in learning how to access and apply knowledge, think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively. They develop the confidence and ability to understand diverse perspectives, collaborate, and contribute to their local, national and global communities.

The Broomfield School
14 Massachusetts Avenue, Harvard, MA 10451 (978) 456-4152
Grades (6-12)
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Vision Statement: The Harvard Public Schools community, dedicated to educational excellence, guides all students to realize their highest potential by balancing academic achievement with personal well-being in the pursuit of individual dreams. The students engage in learning how to access and apply knowledge, think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively. They develop the confidence and ability to understand diverse perspectives, collaborate, and contribute to their local, national, and global communities.

Places of Interest

Harvard is more than just parks and coffee shops.

Fruitlands Museum
All ages will enjoy taking in everything in this one-of-a-kind museum that features five very distinctive cultures spread out over 210 incredible acres of land. Lots to explore and learn with stunning views, miles of walking trails, and a vast collection of art and artifacts.

Learn about the original Fruitlands Farmhouse, the Shaker Museum, the Native American Museum, the Wayside Visitor Center complete with a classroom, education and exhibition space, and the Art Museum with each season dedicated to a specialized focus.

Art Museum

Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge
This amazing refuge is just one of the eight refuges that make up the Eastern Massachusetts National Wildlife Refuge Complex. The Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge provides nature enthusiasts incredible opportunities to enjoy exploring acres of nature while observing unique species in their natural habitats. Hike the trails along the riverbank, across ponds, through wetland and forest. Take the opportunity to launch your kayak at the boat launch and enjoy drifting down the Nashua River and see the wildlife from a different perspective. Be sure to bring a camera.

Educational and interpretive programs can be participated in and through the Bill Ashe Visitor Facility.


Just like Harvard, Bolton is located in Worcester County and a great place to raise a family with Bolton’s highly rated public schools and a great number of excellent parks.

Bolton is both a great residential and thriving agricultural community found on the east slope of the Nashua River Valley rich in history. Bolton’s charming rural character, incredible scenery, and landscapes, and affordability make Bolton very attractive to all age groups.

The presence of I-495 and Route 117’s ongoing function as a convenient route east toward Boston make Bolton a major contender for commuters who desire to live in a small town while having easy access to the big city.

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Getting a great education is not a problem in Bolton, Ma.

Florence Sawyer School
100 Mechanic Street, Bolton, MA 01740 (978) 779-2821
Grades (PK, K-8)
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Mission Statement: To educate all students to their fullest potential. Achievement and growth of all students through high-quality and coherent practices. Active environments in which students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected.

Vision Statement: The Florence Sawyer School will prepare students who are motivated learners, have achieved measurable academic success, and have developed a solid foundation that gives them the skills for secondary school success. Additionally, we will provide opportunities for students to become socially responsible, contributing citizens.

Nashoba Regional
12 Green Road, Bolton, MA 01740 (978) 779-2257
Grades (9-12)
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Mission and Core Values: I-CARE @ NASHOBA

We at Nashoba believe INTEGRITY is our foundation. We strive to make it a visible part of everything we do when we:
? COMMUNICATE: with honesty and respect, clarity and effective purpose, guided by acceptance and open-mindedness
? ACHIEVE: through consistent hard work and motivation, striving to realize high standards, to persevere over adversity by fostering the ability to innovate and adapt to change
? RELATE: as a local and global citizen, practicing empathy and compassion, growing as an individual by finding common ground and appreciating differences
? ENGAGE: by taking initiative, participating with passion and enthusiasm, collaborating to create something bigger than each of us We expect our students to aspire to these values. We expect our staff to live these values. We expect our larger community to support these values. We ask all to CARE and make the most of our time at Nashoba.

Places of Interest

Although Bolton is home to many great parks, when residents or visitors are looking for something a bit more, the Nashoba Valley Winery and the Annival Adventures Family Zoo and Rescue Center are high on the local's lists of things to see and do in Bolton.

Nashoba Valley Winery
Nashoba Valley Winery is a family-owned orchard, winery, and restaurant that has earned wide recognition as a pioneering winery orchard and premier destination venue. Having been awarded over 100 medals nationally and internationally, Nashoba Valley Winery is definitely one of the ultimate destinations on the east coast.

Animal Adventures Family Zoo and Rescue Center
Animal Adventures Family Zoo and Rescue Center was officially established in 1997 with its mission being to provide a home to unwanted and unable to be cared for animals while educating the public about these animals.

Animal Adventures Family Zoo and Rescue Center averages over 300 animal surrender a year. Although some of these animals will live out the rest of their lives with Animal Adventures, some animals do get rehomed.

Housing anywhere from 200 to 400 animals which are made up of approximately 175 different species at a time there are always lots of animals to meet and learn about.

Boston Zoo


Holliston is a beautiful scenic Boston suburb in Middlesex County. The appeal to live in Holliston aside from affordability is its picturesque landscapes, easy access to major roads and highways and for families, once again, highly rated world-class schools.


The standard of public education is very important to the Holliston community so be assured that your children will have the opportunity to receive the best possible education when living in Holliston.

Governed by the Holliston Public School District, the public schools of Holliston share a common mission statement.

Mission Statement: The Holliston Public Schools are committed to providing the resources and opportunities that will enable each student to develop and maximize individual potential in a positive and collaborative environment that encourages and affirms academic achievement and personal excellence.

Placentino Elementary School
235 Woodland Street, Holliston, MA 01746 (508) 429-0647
Grades (PK, K-2)
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Miller School
235 Woodland Street, Holliston, MA 01746 (508) 429-0667
Grades (3-5)
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Robert H. Adams Middle School
323 Woodland Street, Holliston, MA 01746 (508) 429-0657
Grades (6-8)
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Holliston High School
270 Hollis Street, Holliston, MA 01746 (508) 429-0677
Grades (9-12)
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Core Values: Responsible, Resourceful, and Reflective Citizens in a Collaborative Environment

Places of Interest

You will find listed below a couple of noted places of interest in Holliston:

Fatima Shrine
Although it looks nothing like the authentic Fatima in Portugal, the Fatima Shrine of Holliston, MA is still something to experience. Fatima Shrine is the perfect place to find peace and restoration as you stroll through the serene grounds.

Putts & More
Putts & More is the perfect place to unwind and have a great time. All ages will enjoy putting their way through this fun mini-golf course.

Mini Putt


Similar to its neighboring suburb, Holliston, Ayer is also located in Middlesex County. Unlike Holliston though, Ayer has a dense suburban feel and attracts families and young professionals as it is considered an affordable Boston suburb.

Ayer has lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and incredible parks, all very attractive amenities that make living in Ayer very appealing to many ages.


A bit lower in rating than some of the other affordable Boston suburbs, the public schools still have an above-average rating providing quality education and attracting families.

Page Hilltop Elementary School
115 Washington Street, Ayer, MA 01432 (978) 772-8660
Grades (PK, K-5)
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Ayer Shirley Regional Middle School
1 Hospital Road, Shirley MA 01464 (978) 772-8600
Grades (6-8)
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Ayer Shirley Regional High School
141 Washington Street, Ayer, MA -1432 (978) 772-8600
Grades (9-12)
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Falling under the jurisdiction of the Ayer Shirley School District the three schools mentioned above share the same mission and vision statements.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a high-quality education in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment where every student develops the skills, character, and core values needed to graduate and become a productive member of a global society.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to connect, engage, and inspire every student to reach academic excellence. The educators of the Ayer Shirley Regional School District will instill habits of reflection and inquiry that challenge our students to set ambitious academic and personal goals. Students will develop a strong voice to express thoughts and ideas in the community, the confidence to showcase their talents and academic and personal successes in preparation for entry into college and the world of work.

College Prep

Places of Interest

Residents can find lots to do in Ayer with its great selection of parks, restaurants and cafes, however, there are a couple of places that need an intentional mention.

Nashua River Rail Trail
If you enjoy the great outdoors then the Nashua River Rail Trail is the perfect place for you. This 11-mile bike trail is open from sunrise to sunset for biking, walking, rollerblading, and even horseback riding.

Each season brings a different experience to this incredible former railway line.

Ayer Mansion
Whether you are a history buff or not, the Ayer Mansion is a place of interest for everyone. Known as Boston’s Tiffany Treasure, Ayer Mansion is a surviving tribute to the residential creativity of famous artist Louis Comfort Tiffany who was instrumental in pioneering the interior design profession and the revolution of the art of stained glass. Louis Comfort Tiffany was an influencer way before his time.

In 2005, Ayer Mansion was named a National Historic Landmark.

We hope we have given you some great information to assist you in making your decision as to which one of the 5 most affordable Boston Suburbs mentioned above you would like to move to.

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