Buy, Sell, Refi, just please do something now!

Hey everyone, Seth here at Ledge & Young Real Estate, and I just wanted to make a quick blog about , mortgage rates, refinancing. There's a lot going on right now!

So, here is the deal. If you don't know mortgage rates are at an all time low, they've literally never ever, ever been lower. I'm sure you've heard this before, maybe over the last six to nine months, but the reality is they've kept dipping. , and so whether it's the stock market having some volatility or whatever it is... the long story short is they're, they're super low. So, what does that mean for you as a buyer, as a seller,  as a real estate agent? It doesn't matter. That means that you can afford more house, right? So, if you've been delaying buying because you're waiting for more inventory,  you can potentially buy the same property right now, that you could last year for a much less.  Same time last year, you're probably looking at a low to mid four rate,  and now we're talking mid three. Obviously, credit depending. You're gonna need to talk to a local lender. We have plenty of lender partners that we've talked about in past blogs and videos to look to those if you have questions. You know, right now, we just locked someone in at, uh, 3.5.  one of my clients locked in at 3.25, phenomenal credit obviously.... Uh, and so ultimately that means your mortgage is way cheaper than it was in the years past.

So,  you were talking just for like the average mortgage is three, four, five, six, $700 cheaper a month, So 4.5 to 3.5 in rates is really good deal. So, if you have equity, which you more than likely do because the markets gone up and up,  and rates have gone down and down. You can build more long-term wealth, more equity, which is crazy. And, uh, again, if you're renting and you haven't bought yet, there's still a really good time to jump in the pool right now. We're dropping more and more inventory every single day, but the inventory that we have on the market is getting snatched up like crazy because of these rates.

We've watched, buyers be really indecisive over the last few weeks (You know who you are )  because they don't want to get in bidding wars. But at the end of the day, you can spend more than you could ever, save more money and, uh, and find a dream home pretty quick, right?

So, if you're looking to buy, sell, refinance, it doesn't matter, you got to hit me up, we can help you out, we can refer you to the right people. We can get your house in the market or we can find you your dream home. So, reach out to me here at Ledge & Young Real Estate. I'm at the office right now. We're working late helping our clients out get ready for a big weekend here in real estate in the Boston market. So, you can reach out to me at 781-342-0052, [email protected], or hit me up at We'll talk to you guys soon. Refinance, buy, sell, let's go.

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