The 10 Best Places to Live In Suffolk County, MA | 2021 Edition

Best Places Suffolk County

Suffolk County is filled to the brim with beautiful neighborhoods, scenic landscapes, and trendy residential buildings. There are approximately 803,910 people residing in this incredible area, which makes it the fourth most populous county in Massachusetts.

The county seat of Suffolk County is Boston, which also happens to be the state capital as well as the largest city in Massachusetts. There are countless shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities within the city as well as some fantastic homes including towering high-rise apartments, luxury townhomes, and so much more!

This vibrant section of Massachusetts is home to numerous other incredible areas to call home, and the following are ten of the very best places to live in Suffolk County!

Leather District

Located in the heart of Chinatown and the refined Financial District sits the trendy Leather District, often referred to as simply, LD. Even though the community is one of the smallest Boston neighborhoods, the Leather District offers a multitude of green spaces and exciting amenities to discover. Locals can enjoy a variety of entertainment venues, nightlife opportunities, and nearby public parks.

Real Estate

The Leather District experienced a major construction boom shortly before the 1960s, so most of the real estate in this area is from that time period. Unlike many Suffolk County neighborhoods, approximately two-thirds of the Leather District population own their own homes rather than renting. These homes range in cost from $699,000 to over $2 million. The type of real estate found in the Leather District are mainly apartment and condominium buildings consisting of one or two bedrooms.


The Leather District is provided education by the Boston Public School District. There are five public school options as well as four private and charter schools options within the community.


It’s very easy to get around the Leather District. Whether you own a vehicle or prefer public transit or even walking, navigating the streets is a breeze, making day-to-day errands just as simple. Public transit within the Leather District offers about ten nearby bus lines.

Surrounding the Leather District are major highways, such as Massachusetts Turnpike, which makes travel to and from other Boston areas extremely convenient.

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Allston is a beautiful community of Suffolk County with a population of approximately 29,195. The neighborhood is filled with bountiful green spaces for locals to enjoy such as Soldiers Field and Charles River Reservation. The community was named for American painter and poet Washington Allston, and the gorgeous landscapes are a testament to that artistic dedication.

Real Estate

The average cost of real estate found among the Allston real estate listings is approximately $317,000, making for an affordable option to many Suffolk County residents. The types of homes found in the area are primarily brick apartment buildings. The most popular residential streets include Commonwealth Avenue and Brighton Avenue. In the southern region of Allston, many single-family and multi-family Victorian homes dating back to the 1890s and 1920s can be found.


The public schools in Allston are a part of the Boston Public School District. There are seven public schools as well as four public and charter schools available to the students of Allston.


Allston borders many well-known Boston neighborhoods such as Fenway and Brighton as well as the Town of Brookline. The east and north borders of Allston sit along the flowing Charles River. The City of Cambridge is easily accessible to Allston residents via bridges across the river.

Allston itself is filled with a number of fantastic small businesses and restaurants. Brighton Avenue boasts a collection of diverse, ethnic cuisines and Harvard Avenue is home to a multitude of furniture stores, thrift shops, and other small retail establishments.

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Places to Live Suffolk County

A healthy mixture of both commercial and residential developments make up the DNA of Fenway. Home to approximately 40,900 people, Fenway is one of the larger Suffolk County neighborhoods on this list. There are numerous small, independently owned shops scattered throughout the area and more major commercial developments can be found in Kenmore Square and along Brookline Avenue, Beacon Street, Boylston Street, and Huntington Avenue. And, of course, the famous Fenway Park can be found in this charming neighborhood!

Real Estate

Fenway residents typically choose rent over ownership, with about 92% of the population renting their home. The average cost of rent is about $1,860 per month while the average home value is approximately $535,890. There are many beautiful buildings found within the neighborhood including brownstone townhouses, brick walk-ups, and low-rise apartment buildings constructed between 1880 and 1930.


Fenway students are a part of the Boston Public Schools. There are eighteen public schools within the area as well as twelve private and charter schools.


Fenway is separated from the Back Bay neighborhood by Charlesgate West, the Massachusetts Turnpike, Dalton Avenue, and Belvidere Street. Along the south end of the neighborhood is The First Church of Christ, Scientist headquarters, which is a major tourist attraction in the area.

Fenway residents have a number of options when it comes to travelling in and around the community. Getting around within the neighborhood, many residents choose to walk as much of the community amenities can be accessed by foot. There are also two rapid transit stations for those who don’t own a vehicle: the Massachusetts Avenue Station and Ruggles Station. Locals also have access to the Orange Line with approximately twenty nearby bus lines.

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Situated in the northwestern region of Boston is the neighborhood now known as Brighton. Originally, the community was a part of Cambridge and was known as “Little Cambridge” until separating in 1807 and becoming annexed to Boston in 1874. These days, Brighton is home to more than 43,000 people and offers a variety of beautiful green spaces including Chestnut Hill Reservation and Cunningham Park, and a quiet atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of busier parts of the city.

Real Estate

Approximately three quarters of the population of Brighton rent a home rather than owning. About 45% of the residential developments are large apartment buildings and the rest are smaller buildings and duplexes. The median home value in Brighton is about $562,180 and the average cost of rent is about $1,840 per month. Many of the buildings in the neighborhood were built prior to the 1960s adding a certain retro charm to the community.


Brighton falls under the jurisdiction of the Boston Public School District. There are nine public schools and seven private and charter schools within the Brighton boundaries.


Brighton connects to the rest of the city through the Allston community. Surrounding the rest of the neighborhood is Cambridge, Watertown, Newton, and Brookline with the Charles River flowing between Cambridge and Waterton. Locals can travel to these fabulous destinations via popular roadways and a fantastic system of public transit made up of about ten bus lines criss-crossing throughout the neighborhood.

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Back Bay

Back Bay is the perfect home for those who love to be surrounded by vibrant energy and spend time out in the great outdoors! There are plenty of people who come in and out of the community daily, visiting the multitude of bars and nightclubs or the beautiful parks during the day. Some of the most popular areas include the Charles River Reservation and the Boston Public Garden.

Real Estate

Back Bay is one of the more expensive neighborhoods found in Suffolk County. The average cost of real estate is about $1,280,070 and rent typically costs about $2,230 per month. This trendy area features a number of small and large apartment buildings, mostly builts during the large construction boom between 1940 and 1950. Among the many apartment buildings are rows of Victorian brownstone homes, preserving the 19th-century design.


The Boston Public School Board provides three options for Back Bay students to attend. Alternatively, there are also four private and charter schools available.


The boundaries of Back Bay include Charles River along the north, Arlington Street to Park Square on the east, the Massachusetts Turnpike on the south, and Charlesgate East on the west, opening up countless opportunities for locals to explore more of Suffolk County and all the wonderful amenities found therein.

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West End

West End Suffolk County

West End is one of the smallest neighborhoods, consisting of just 4,465 residents, but it is also one of the most vibrant atmospheres you’ll find in Suffolk County! Crowds of people come to West End to enjoy a vast selection of entertainment venues and enjoy a thriving nightlife. There are also numerous areas for locals to enjoy the peace and tranquility of beautiful parklands.

Real Estate

Approximately 80% of the homes in West End are occupied by renters. Most of the real estate is made up of towering, high-rise apartment buildings built between the 1960s and 1970s that feature one to two bedrooms. The average cost of renting in West End is approximately $2,145 per month, while the median home value sits around $577,710.


The West End is under the management of the Boston Public School District. Students have the option of five public schools or three private and charter schools to choose from.


The West End is bordered by the Charles River between Longfellow Bridge and the Charles River Dam Bridge. Across the Charles River, to the west, sits Kendall Square, offering West End locals ample opportunity to explore nearby amenities and attractions. The Charlesbank Playground runs alongside the river and is separated from the neighborhood by Storrow Drive, a large crosstown expressway.

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Beacon Hill

For those looking for access to both indoor and outdoor activities, Beacon Hill is the ideal neighborhood. Numerous event and entertainment venues, including approximately ten bars and establishments offering regular, live music, can be found scattered throughout the community. Hamilton Place is one of the most popular nighttime attractions, bringing in people from the nearby neighborhoods to join the 9,650 residents of Beacon Hill.

Real Estate

Beacon Hill is one of the most expensive neighborhoods to choose from in Suffolk County with a typical home value of $1,036,555 and an average rent of $2,285 per month. Approximately 67% of the Beacon Hill residents rent their homes rather than opting for ownership. The most common type of housing in this desirable community is small apartment buildings and federal-style row houses.


Beacon Hill falls under the jurisdiction of the Boston Public School District. There are four public schools found within the community’s borders as well as three private and charter school options.


Commuting by public transit is one of the most common forms of transportation in Beacon Hill other than walking. The Charles/MGH Station on the Red Line offers plenty of opportunities for locals to jump on the bus to travel within the community and into nearby areas. The nearest highway is just a short car ride away, which is perfect for those looking to venture out further into Boston.

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North End

North End is one of Boston’s oldest residential communities. Many European residents have inhabited the area since its inception in the 1630s. The area is a small one, just 0.36 square miles, but is home to many local establishments and tourist attractions. There is a high volume of Italian American residents as well as fantastic Italian dining establishments in the neighborhood.

Real Estate

North End is made up of a number of small and large apartment buildings and one- to two-bedroom homes. Approximately 70% of the population are renters and pay an average of $2,185 per month. The median home value in North End is around $809,580. Most of the homes were built prior to the 1960s and have been well-maintained since then.


North End students can attend schools within the Boston Public School District. There are four public schools as well as three private and charter schools in the area.


Homeowners of North End have several options when it comes to getting around the neighborhood and exploring the nearby amenities. Within the community, walking is a popular choice as well as public transportation. The Blue Line as well as about ten bus lines will take locals all over Suffolk County.

The North End is surrounded by the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, the Charles and Mystic Rivers, and the Boston Harbor. These scenic surroundings offer beautiful views to North End residents.

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Charlestown Suffolk County

Located along the peninsula north of the Charles River, across from Downtown Boston, is historic Charlestown. This charming neighborhood was planned by engineer Thomas Graves in 1629 and was originally a completely separate town as well as the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Charlestown was switched over from Middlesex County to Suffolk County in 1874.

Real Estate

The average cost of real estate in Charlestown is approximately $768,770 with the cost of rent sitting around $1,765. About 55% of the population rents their home and the main type of housing options are small apartment buildings. Other forms of real estate include high-rise apartments, duplexes, and townhouses.


Charleston falls under the management of the Boston Public School District. There are five public schools found within the neighborhood’s borders as well as one private school.


Located just north of Downtown Boston, Charlestown locals can indulge in the many incredible amenities found within the heart of the city! A portion of Charlestown is situated along the Mystic River, which contains the northern approach to the Malden Bridge and the entrance to Encore Boston Harbor.

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Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain is home to approximately 37,465 people. A large portion of the demographic consists of college-educated professionals, political activists, and artists. Jamaica Plain, which was often referred to as the “Eden of Amrica” back in the 19th century, is consistently ranked among the top neighborhoods in all of Boston.

Real Estate

The types of real estate found within Jamaica Plain are small and large apartment and condo buildings, duplexes, and detached, single-family homes. A variety of styles and sizes are available among the Jamaica Plain listings, from trendy, open-space lofts to four-bedroom homes. The average cost of real estate in the neighborhood is approximately $780,000 and the typical cost of rent is around $2,200.


Boston Public Schools provides education to students residing in Jamaica Plain. There are seventeen public schools within the area as well as eight private and charter schools.


Jamaica Plain is one of the greenest neighborhoods in all of Boston. Comprising much of the landscape as well as surrounding the area are beautiful parklands and scenic landscapes. These areas were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted back in the 19th century and include Olmsted Park, Jamaica Pond, Arnold Arboretum, and Franklin Park. These parks make up the Emerald Necklace and are connected by a series of intricate parkways.

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As it’s clear to see, Suffolk County is home to so many incredible options when it comes to real estate. From the up-and-coming neighborhoods to the established, wealthy communities, there is truly a place for everyone in this popular Massachusetts area!

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